Spirit Gum

Product Code: 118 An amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive solution...

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All-Belle Natural Lash C4822 (5 Pair)

Be beautiful, luscious and long eye lashes instantly with All-Belle....

RM45.00 MYR RM33.75 MYR

KAIRO Professional Brush Set - 28pcs

Product Code: J90121 Become an artist with this limited edition 28...

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Cinema Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Trolley Box (Black)

Length: 37cmHeight: 66cmWidth: 24cm

RM680.00 MYR

Mehron iNtense Pro™ Pressed Pigment Palette (8)

Product Code: 168 Mehron’s iNtense PRO™ Pressed Powder Pigments supply...

RM298.00 MYR

AD Airbrush Kit Compressor & Airbrush (0.25)

AD Airbrush Kit C/W portable compressor, braided hose, adapter for...

RM1,200.00 MYR

Mehron Pro Coloring - Concealer

Product Code: 505-C The creamy formula of Mehron's ProColoRing™ Concealer...

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Yerma 2 Step Mask v/Snail Eye Cream

A skin mask that helps revitalize the dry, tired, dull...

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Mehron Mixing Liquid

Product Code: 129M Mehron Makeup’s Mixing Liquid ™ is a...

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Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Mineral Finishing Powder

Product Code: 215 Celebré Pro-HD™ Mineral Finishing Powder is a luxurious...

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Mehron Barrier Spray™

Product Code: 145 Mehron’s Barrier Spray™ is a clear liquid...

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Brazen Mascara (BLACK)

Product Code: 208-B Mehron's Brazen Mascara is the newest staple...

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